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10 Things to Do on Weekends to Enjoy a Robust Week Ahead

After dragging yourself through a long tiring week, weekends bring a much-needed swirl of fresh air. You have already planned to make it up for your lost sleep and wake up late. The movie you wanted to watch since such a long time is finally upon the theatres and there’s no way you are going to miss it. Or if stepping out is too much of a task, you can always binge watch your favorite series.
While a lazy weekend is good and all, not everything you plan to do or don’t do for that matter turns out healthy for the week ahead. There is a reason why we have Saturday Nights and not Sunday Nights. Read on to save your weekdays from bearing the cost of your impulsive actions of the weekends. Here are 10 things to do on weekends for a robust week ahead.

1. Plan for your weekend ahead

10 things to do on weekends

You may think that planning for the weekend takes the whole essence of the weekend but it couldn’t be farther away from the truth. Plan for your weekend so that you can grab every ounce of enjoyment out of it. Ever felt that the weekend is over without you actually doing anything? Forget refreshing, you are left with a grumpy mood instead!
Plan it out. Make a list of the things that you’ll do at the weekend and do it. You don’t have to make a rigid plan. You can loiter around and have fun while you tick off the activities.

2. Get up at your usual time

10 things to do on weekends

I cannot stress this enough. So many times, we waste an entire day by sleeping off more than usual and getting up disoriented. What follows is a late breakfast and a random day ahead. It is these kinds of days that make you question “Is it Monday already?”
Your body is accustomed to a certain timing. Let it be that way. Get up at your usual time, eat at your usual time, and sleep early if you want to make up for your lost sleep. That way you’ll complete your beauty sleep while having an energizing day ahead.

3. Get outdoors

10 things to do on weekends

Chances are you’ve spent quite a long time of your weekdays indoors. Greet the sun on weekends. Whether you want to read, hike, travel, or do nothing, do them all outdoors. This brings me to my next point.

4. Stay away from technology

10 things to do on weekends

We can’t really stay away from technology, can we? But we can always choose to keep it away during weekends. We all know what social media does. You may not have any plans for the weekend and staying indoors might have been a good refreshment for you, if only you hadn’t opened Instagram. Now your weekend sucks because you couldn’t go to the hilltop that our long lost friend has visited.
Remove yourself from the clutches of technology on weekends. Make positive changes in your life and make your life your sole focus on weekends. You deserve that.

5. Pick up a hobby

10 things to do on weekends

How many times have you complained about not having enough time to pursue your hobbies? Turns out, you do have time. You just aren’t using it efficiently.
Make use of your time efficiently and take out time for your hobbies. And weekends provide the perfect opportunity for that. Get moving and do something that you’ll enjoy. Learn a new sport, a new language, photography, or anything that interests you. A hobby brings novelty and positivity in your life. And learning a new thing is a healthy food for the brain too. Double bonus.

6. Cook healthy

10 things to do on weekends

Speaking of healthy, check out some nice recipes and try them out at home. Weekends give you ample time to cook in and eat as you please. Why not use it to learn a new dish or cook something that you had wanted to eat for a while?
Also, you can always cook in batches and prepare meals for the weekdays- Plan for the week ahead and save both time and energy.

7. Get together with your loved ones

10 things to do on weekends

After a busy week, there isn’t a better feeling than being pampered and loved by your loved ones. Whether you spend the time talking about mundane things, shopping, watching movies, or traveling somewhere, being with the people who care about you is in itself a gift.
Talks, food, smiles, and happiness in little things – Is that too much to ask?

8. Clean your room

10 things to do on weekends

I wouldn’t believe you if you would say that a clean room doesn’t instantly pop up your mood. A tidy room leads to a tidy lifestyle. Remove the clothes from the chair, get the laundry done, arrange your cupboards, and set up a healthy mood for the weekday. You will thank your weekend self when the days get tough during weekdays.

9. Visit a new place

10 things to do on weekends

You may be new in the city or long in the tooth, there always will be a place you haven’t visited before. Turn on your Sherlock Holmes and dig out some cool places away from the crowd. Or visit the famous museum that you always leave out from your “lists of places to visit”. You never know what experiences await you. and

10. Reflect

10 things to do on weekends

While weekends call for meeting up with friends and families and all the spontaneous activities, scheduling alone time where you can reflect on your life has to be a priority. Reflect on your job, dreams, goals, plans, and feelings. Ask yourself where you are at and what’s next.
Don’t get anxious while doing so. This is your me time, your sweet spot. Relax and let love flow in.


This was my list of 10 things to do on weekends that will make your upcoming week productive. What are some habits that help you stay productive?
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