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4 Ways to Improve Your Style with These Wardrobe Staples

Fashion—an encompassing term that seems to be the ultimate challenge for some women. How hard can it get, right? Well, since developing a personal style is fashion’s ultimate goal, then we can say that the struggle is real. You need to find out which style you are most comfortable with whether or not you are buying wholesale clothing online or elsewhere. And styling clothes and accessories to be uniquely you is easier said than one.


Fret not. Below are some tips on how you can unleash your inner fashionista.

1) Tee

Who doesn’t own a shirt? A tee can be the simplest piece of clothes out there, but it can also be the most challenging to style. The secret is in proper pairing. You can wear it with the sleeves rolled and paired it with skinny jeans. You may also want to wear an oversized shirt and let one shoulder fall off. You can wear a tee and a mid-rise pants with a nonchalant half-tuck. Or, wear a high-waisted skirt and tuck the shirt tighter or have it side tied. If you want to pair it with leggings, make sure that the shirt is long enough to cover the parts that need to be covered.

2) Button up

A button up is another wardrobe staple because of its flexibility. For a chic look, you may wear it knotted and pair it with something high-waisted. Push the sleeves and pop the collar. It can also be worn under a jacket, apparently peeking out or wear a jacket above it. For a more relaxed look, have it over a Henley shirt. Of course, you can always wear it as is but make sure you have a statement necklace to go with it.

3) White jeans

White jeans is a favorite as it can be a blank slate that let statement-making tops and accessories take center stage. Other than this, the white jeans we know today are so stylish you may pair them with anything. You can don a white-on-white attire and just focus on wearing metallic accessories for a refined, sophisticated look. You can be sporty with white jeans too. Just wear a tee of any color and place a jacket over it. You can even wear a duster trench above a basic tee and white jeans. The basic tee and white jeans pair itself would be enough at times. If not a tee, you may wear off the shoulder, frilly, ruffled or button up. Wear colorful pastel tops to amp the fun factor. Feeling a bit dressy? Wear a faux leather top and black pumps.

4) Scarf

Another versatile garment is the scarf. A scarf can be worn in various ways and occasions formal or not. Women are fond of wearing a scarf gathered around the neck (i.e., the necklace tie). However, it can also be worn with a classic rich girl tie paired with a sweater girl. Another version is the French knot above a Breton striped shirt.  If you are dressed in a cardigan, tie it in a bow. If you want to wear a scarf over a shirt, you may tie it like a bandit. Have it drapey if you want, placing it under your blazer’s lapel. You might as well learn different ways to tie the scarf such as braided, pull through, rolled loop, double loop, and classic loop.

You can always do better when it comes to styling wardrobe staples. Remember that an outfit can be made more special depending on how you style it – the way you put things together and the way you use accessories to your advantage! Mix and match and experiment until you find that one style that is so you.

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