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Come closer to nature and experience the power of divine – Uttarakhand has several holy and beautiful places to see

Uttarakhand. Whenever we hear this word, a vivid picture of mountains covered with snow comes into our mind. Peacefully dwelling in the lap of the Himalayas, the holy Ganges blissfully running through lush-green mountains and presence of countless deities are a few things that make Uttarakhand one of the best places to visit in the world. Every year travelers across the world step in there to experience the holiness and beauty of this famous, yet unexplored place. It is also known as the land of deities because it has innumerable shrines. Myriads of mythological stories are related to the land. About the local people, they are sweet and easy to befriend. Uttarakhand, geographically, comprised of two regions – Garhwal and Kumaon. Here are our top 5 perfect destinations and must-visit places in Uttarakhand.

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5 perfect destinations

It’s the capital of Uttarakhand. Once you enter this mesmerizing city, you’ll can’t keep your mind off of this heavenly place when you leave. The peaceful city is widely-known for education. Scholars across the country come here to study. It’s enveloped by mountains and green mountains. You’ll feel relax when you see beautiful Asan river cutting through the canyon producing a musical sound. Tapkeshwar, a famous Lord Shiva is nestled in the city is a place everyone should go to. One of the renowned institutes in India, Forest Research of Institute is also in the city. Many Bollywood flicks had been shot in this very institution. Many places like Robber’s Cave, Lachiwala, Shashtradhara, Dehradun Zoo, Lambidhar Mines and many more are worth to see. The city is full of picturesque places for refreshment.

There’s no specific time to visit Dehradun as you find it evergreen and mesmerizing whenever you visit.


5 perfect destinations

Mussoorie, also known as Queen of Hills, is a paradisiacal place near Dehradun. There are several famous peaks like Dalai Hills, George Everest, Hathi Paon, Gun Hill and more for trekking. Explore the beauty of mother nature with your loved ones. On the way to Mussoorie, don’t forget to visit the famous Lord Shiva temple en route. In the temple, you get the sweetest tea which will make you feel refresh. A thick layer of Deodar forest has spread over entire Mussoorie. It’s the perfect place for trekking. When you trek across the steep mountain, you’ll find the long Deodar trees supplying you fresh air.

Did we mention about waterfalls? Find numerous falls like Kempty Falls, Shikhar Falls, Bhatta Falls and more. Go under the waterfalls and feel the immense power of nature. Experience the power of nature getting imparted to you.

The best time to visit the place is in winter and summer season. Don’t go on the rainy season as you may find many areas that are being affected by landslides in Mussoorie between June and September.



The literal meaning of Rishikesh is Lord of Senses. That is Lord Vishnu. The place is known for several adventure sports. White river rafting is one of them. Every year countless tourists come to Rishikesh and do rafting for thrill and fun. Here you can do Bungee Jumping, Cliff Jumping and much more. We suggest you spend some time in Rishikesh and feel yourself close to nature and divine. Sit on the bank of Ganges, see the sacred river flowing mystically and experience the tranquility. To maintain the divinity of land, liquor is banned in the city. Yoga is quite popular among people in the town. Generally, travelers come in Rishikesh to find peace of mind. Go there, maybe you’ll rediscover yourself.

Tourists prefer to go Rishikesh in summer as the water gets extremely cold during water. In the rainy season, authorities ban river rafting because the flow of river increases drastically.



One of the holiest place in India – Haridwar. It’s residing on the bank of Ganges. In India everything has a meaning, we don’t just randomly name something anything. There’s always a meaning behind the name of places in India. Just like the meaning behind the name, Haridwar. It means Doorway to Lord Vishnu. Its full definition is that it’s a place from where you can connect to an avatar, Lord Vishnu, of the supreme power.

When you enter the city, you’ll feel a sacredness in the air. There are several temples like Mansa Devi Temple, Chanda Devi Temple, Dudhadhari Barfani temple and so on. We have to take another birth to list all the temples. Several ghats are built on the bank of Ganges. Once in every 12 years, Kumbh Mela takes place in Haridwar.

The Ganges is famous for its unique quality of possessing 25% more oxygen in water than any other ordinary river. This is the reason that scientists to believe that it’s the purest river in the world. According to the mythological books, taking a dip in the Ganges makes our soul pure and nullifies all our evil deeds. It has the power to soak the negativity and turn into positivity.


5 perfect destinations

An inseparable part of the Garhwal region, Chamoli, is the most amazing place on earth. Beautiful flowers in Valley of Flower National Park will make you feel that you’re in heaven. If you want to see the real beauty of nature, you must come to the Valley of Flower National Park. You’ll find rare flowers, birds and animals between July and August.

Badrinath is one of the most important places for Hindus as the place is one of Dham from the sacred Char Dham pilgrimage. Badrinath Temple is a must-go place in Chamoli. The temple is known for its sacredness and significant impact on Hindu religion.

Auli is famous for winter sports in India. Several travelers come here from around the globe to do skiing. Every year, Uttarakhand Tourism Department organizes winter sports competitions to promote tourism and skiing. You can visit Auli between May and November as the weather becomes freezing in the rest of the months.

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