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90s Cartoons That Brings Us Closer to Nature & Animals

The 90s were arguably one of the best times for Indian kids. We don’t say this because we are 90s kids ourselves (well, maybe we slightly do), but because 90s marked a wave of change in Indian television with new shows and animated cartoons being broadcasted frequently. This gave 90s kids the freedom to watch numerous cartoons on different themes. While every cartoon had their own themes, most of them presented underlying values and educational contents in a fun way. Without much ado, presenting to you our favorite picks from the ever-so-glorious 90s cartoons.

1. The Flintstones

90s cartoonsWho can forget Fred and his family getting inside their car and running when they have to go somewhere? Not to forget, cute little Pebbles. The Flintstones is set in the stone age with certain modern day facilities. Watching the daily struggles and activities of their family and their neighbors, The Rubbles, never left us bored.

2. Oswald

90s cartoonsThe best thing about Oswald? Undoubtedly, Big City. This colorful city where every building is built according to its function and the people (err, animals & plants) who lived there. The music shop looked like a violin, the local cafe owned by Madam Butterfly had a big cup at the roof of the cafe, the gardening store run by a bunny resembled a carrot, you remember it now.
Moreover, how can we ever forget Winny, Henry, and Daisy?

3. Dragon Tales

90s cartoonsHaven’t we all craved to be transported into the magical world of dragons with Emmy and Max while reciting the rhyme along? Undeniably, the adventures of Emmy and Max in the Dragon Land would amaze us, makes us laugh, and make us cry.
While Dragon Tales did entertain us, it had an educational focus too. From logic and maths to facing fears and helping others, Dragon Tales certainly made us realize everything can be done with a bit of fun and music to it.

4. Pingu

90s cartoonsIf there is a universal language, then Penguinese has to be one. You can understand it without knowing it and enjoy the wonderful journey of Pingu. Pingu and his family lived in Antarctica in their igloo. On some days, Pingu with his little sister, Pinga would go on interesting adventures. On others, he would be up for a mischief with his best friend, Robby the Seal. Assisting Pingu in his enjoyable journeys always made us happy.

5. Looney Tunes

90s cartoonsSeeing our favorites – Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Tweety, Granny, Road Runner, and many others in a single place would be a treat to our eyes. It goes without saying that Looney Tunes was a bundle of happiness packaged as these tiny little characters never failing to bring a smile to our face.

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