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Aquaman Movie Review- Did Aquaman Revive the Lost DC Universe?

Aquaman Movie Review

Aquaman is in the news for quite some time now. Some people loved it, some people hated it, and some people consider it one of the better movies of the DC universe. While people have differing opinions, there is one thing that everyone seems to agree on- James Wan’s direction and the awesome visuals. After the whooping failure of Justice League to meet the expectations of their fans, Aquaman had a lot on its shoulders. Top it up with something that had never been done before- Venturing underwater for a complete movie. I must say, it fared well given the pressure. Here’s Aquaman movie review for you guys.

aquaman movie review

Things we love about Aquaman-

1. Visuals- Undoubtedly the best thing about the movie, Aquaman’s visuals and effects will certainly leave you in awe. From fight scenes at the kingdom of Atlantia to the intense showdown at Sicily, the movie certainly goes with a nice flow. The underwater scenes don’t feel overwhelming. And the cinematography speaks for itself.

aquaman movie review3. Mera- The redhead queen, Mera(Amber Heard) steals the show with her stunning performance. Mera with her determination, power, and self righteousness is a character worth remembering. Needless to say, the costume and the red hair complements Mera perfectly.

4. Aquaman- There is a reason why I feel Mera was better than Aquaman. In fact, Aquaman did annoy me for a while out there but Mera gets him to put his shit together. The result is a hot king with the mighty trident which adorn his already perfect body.
Jason Momoa potrays the delicate mix of bluntness and innocence of Aquaman skillfully.

5. The supporting casts- Black Manta(Abdul-Mateen II), King Orm(Patrick Wilson), and Vulko(William Dafoe) give spectacular performances leaving you glued to the screen for a good 143 minutes.

The not-so-likable parts of Aquaman-

aquaman movie review1. Lack of an emotional connection- Despite the awesome visuals, spectacular storytelling and performances, there is something missing in Aquaman. Being an origin story, an emotional appeal was paramount. Yet, it fails on this aspect. The most emotional scene for me was when Queen Atlanna(Nicole Kidman) leaves young Arthur Curry behind with his father to return back to the sea. I expected more but was left disappointed. There were many scenes where it could’ve been done better.

2. Too predictable- Since this is the first story and the origin story of Aquaman, the ending is pretty much known to everyone. Aquaman emerges as The King. But did it have to be so predictable? Every next step in the movie can be predicted and that somewhat takes the thrill of watching a superhero movie.

Overall, we give Aquaman 4/5.

Aquaman may have its flaws but it has revived the DC Universe once again. The future of DC doesn’t look as gloomy as it had with Justice League. We can only hope for the best, while we wait eagerly for Avengers-The End Game. Have you checked out the trailers?

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