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Christmas is a festival of love, happiness, and sacrifice – Celebrate Christmas 2018 with your loved ones

Let’s celebrate Christmas 2018 with great enthusiasm and happiness. This year, promise yourself that you’ll take steps which will make the world a better place. To whom we are saying? Just forget what we have just said. Enjoy your life.


Christmas is celebrated all over the world by Christians on the occasion of birth anniversary of Jesus. Every year on 25th December, people decorate their house and make a feast for close and dear ones. Jesus was the only son of Mary and Joseph. It’s believed that he was the Son of God. His teachings and way of living influenced a number of people. He was a religious leader and preacher. He was crucified. Later, he resurrected. Christians celebrate Easter as the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Santa Claus

christmas 2018

On the eve of Christmas, Santa Claus brings gifts to children. He comes in a red dress with white fur on collar and cuffs. He keeps the record of children around the world and gives gifts to them according to their behavior. Those who do bad things through the year, he gives them coal as a gift. Santa Claus is a legendary figure in western Christian culture. He’s also known as Father Christmas. Due to modernization, Santa Claus has gone through many changes. It all started from Saint Nicholas, and now, people have a totally new picture of Santa in their mind. An old man with a long white beard, protruding belly, carrying a bag of gifts, and wearing a red dress with white furs is considered as modern days Santa Claus.

Christmas Tree

The decoration of a Christmas Tree became popular in the 19th century. Evergreen Conifer trees are used for Christmas decoration. Previously, people used to decorate the Christmas tree with colored papers, apples, tinsel, wafers, and more. Candles were used to illuminate a tree. Now, the modern Christmas lights have taken place of candles. Currently, people use traditional ornaments, candy canes, star, bells, lights and baubles to decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas Shopping

christmas 2018

It sounds so fresh and peaceful when somebody talks about shopping on Christmas month. Just after a few days, we’ll be celebrating Christmas 2018- we are at the end of the year. It’s the best time of the year. We thank God for giving us enough strength to complete the year and ask for his blessings for the upcoming year. Shop your heart out as Christmas 2018 is approaching fast. Just a blink of an eye. Voila! Christmas is here. So hurry up! Buy gifts for your loved ones. Fill in your home with awesome products. Christmas is incomplete without a grand party. Glam-up for the party and turn heads of people by your stunning look.


Mistletoe is used as Christmas decoration. According to an old tradition, lovers have to kiss under Mistletoe. The white berries on it are considered as a sign of male fertility. It is a significant part of Christmas.

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