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Even the world will see how bright our India is – Here are 9 things you should try this Diwali 2018 to make it special

This year we’re going to witness Diwali on 7th November. We have only a few days left, and there are a lot of things left to do. Amidst this pandemonium, we need to remain calm and composed. Set your priorities and do one thing at a time. Below are the nine things you should definitely do to make your Diwali 2018 special.

diwali 2018

1. Of course, the classic one, clean your home

Spiderweb in the corners of the rooms, dust on the ceiling fan and dirt lying under your bed are parts of a nightmare of a fastidious person. Diwali is approaching fast, and we should make ourselves ready for the grand celebration. Help your parents in cleaning the house. If you’re living with your friends, then ask them to join you for cleaning. We can help each other and turn our dull place into a lively home.

2. No Soan Papdi this year

diwali 2018

Year after year, we are gifting the same sweet to everyone. People are now bored with the same taste and want to relish something different. Last year, memes of Soan Papdi spread all over the internet. We couldn’t agree more with memes because the circulation of Soan Papdi was happening at a rapid pace. Let’s try something new this year. Why don’t we gift something meaningful to a person? Why don’t we make someone’s day special? Please think before giving someone something. Are you really putting your thoughts while gifting? If the answer is a no, then it’s not worth gifting.

3. Feast for everyone

Ah! A smell of fresh food cuddling with amazing spices makes us drool. Hosting a grand feast is no joke. It requires money, time and strength to host a successful feast. If your patient enough to deal with minor flaws during arrangement then go for it. Send invitation to your loved ones for the grand feast. Prepare delicious food and decorate your place to create a perfect ambiance. Rendezvous with your near and dear ones on the special occasion at your place.

4. Shop your heart out

We usually don’t recommend people to shop unnecessarily. But this time, we want you to go crazy. Top e-commerce websites are giving outstanding offers and discounts. Get up to 90% of top apparel brands. Smartphones, cameras, laptops, and more available at huge festive discounts. Don’t just shop for yourself. Gift your family and friends something special on a beautiful occasion.

5. Stay connected to roots

diwali 2018

In this fast-paced life, sometimes we forget about our tradition and values; we forget how we used to celebrate festivals when we’re little kids. Decorate your home with traditional art. Draw Rangoli and lit clay Diyas in Diwali. Traditional art will not only give your home an awesome look but also support local artisans who work tirelessly.

6. Reunite with your old gang

It’s been so long that we’ve forgotten the faces of our old friends. We need to take out some time from our busy life and talk to our old friends. We have decided that we’ll reunite with our old friends and tell them we still remember them.

7. Take care of those who can’t take care of themselves

You’re fortunate enough to read this article. We ask you to celebrate the festival of light with underprivileged and destitute people. These people are living life in miseries and sufferings. Your little help can make their life easy. Your sweet gesture of love will give them hope to live and make their life better.

8. Cracker, lights, and action

diwali 2018

A day back, Supreme Court lifted the complete ban from manufacturing and selling of crackers in India. Now firecracker companies can manufacture and sell crackers which meet the noise and emission standards. We know crackers and lights are inseparable parts of Diwali. So we are leaving this for you to decide that whether we should burst crackers or not.

9. Don’t stop yourself from having fun

There are only a few moments happen in our life where we forget to think about the past and future and enjoy the present. Diwali is one of the festivals that makes us feel alive and gives us time to introspect. Please don’t sulk over the bad memories of the past. Live in the present as much as you can because everything other than that is your imagination. Share your feelings with the person you love.

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