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Early Bird Catches the Worm! Know the Right Times to Shop Online for the Best Discounts

Discounts! Everyone likes a good discount however keeping track of all online shopping portals and the discounts they offer at any point of time is next to impossible. While this can be a disadvantage for those who shop smart and rely on discount offers to make cost efficient purchases, knowing the right time to shop online can prove to be a big advantage resulting in great savings. Read more for further information on the right times to shop online.

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Pre Festival Offers

A few days before any major festival are a great time to shop online. In fact this is also a great time to shop from stores. Most major e-commerce portals provide their users with attractive discounted offers right before a major festival. Common items that are freely available online at discounted rates are Indian ethnic wear, appliances, western apparels, shoes and accessories. Western apparels and Indian ethnic wear are the most commonly purchased items online just before any major Indian festival.

Major National Events

Major national events like Republic Day and Independence Day in India are also a good time to get discounts from e-retail platforms. Many e-commerce sites offer appliances, apparels and especially Indian ethnic garments at discounted prices on days of national significance such as Republic Day and Independence Day. Many sites offer a day full of discounts on various products. Other sites provide discounts a few days prior to the event. One way or the other, buyers are guaranteed exciting discounts on prior to and on Independence Day and Republic day.

Major Sporting Events

This primarily applies to television sets as many online portals offer television sets at discounted prices before major sporting events. The Olympics, Fifa World Cup and Cricket World Cup and IPL are prominent examples of sporting events when television sets can be bought at discounted prices. These sporting events are also a great time to buy mobile phones, laptops and computers online at discounted prices.

Early Bird Tips

  • For Indian Ethnic Wear and Indo western apparel, troll the internet days prior to a major Indian festival.
  • Certain e-commerce platforms offer day long discounts on Republic Day and Independence Day. Log in early and get your desired items before the discounts run out.
  • No matter the discounts available, only shop from accredited well known websites.

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Author’s Bio : Jonathan Khareis a blogger with varied interests. While writing blogs on fashion and showbiz bring in the moolah, Jonathan is equally interested in diverse subjects such as the paranormal and world affairs.

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