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Forget Whatsapp, Here comes the Smartest Messaging App : Google Allo -by Google

Google’s Newly Launched Smart Messaging App seems like a Revolutionary Idea!

Google has recently introduced its smart messaging app : Google Allo that helps you say more and do more. Now feel free to express yourself better with stickers, doodles, and HUGE emojis & text!

Google first announced Allo app at its I/O developer conference earlier this year and the app is already gaining a lot of popularity, downloaded by thousands of users till now.


Highlights of the App

  • Allo is Google’s new instant messaging app
  • It was launched alongside video chat app Duo at Google I/O
  • Allo integrates chat with Google’s new AI assistant

Why Allo is Different?

What makes Allo different is its integration with Google’s machine learning smarts and the Google Assistant. There are two ways to work with the Google Assistant (which is officially still in preview) in Allo. You can simply chat with it directly, just like you would do with a friend. Or you can bring it into a conversation by typing @google and asking it a question.


Unique Features: The Allo feature that got the biggest applause at its unveiling was the ability to make text appear bigger or smaller as per your expression & mood.

Free Themes, stickers: You can also get free themes & stickers as well as thousands of free images. You can, of course, also send images (and draw on them), share your location and dictate text.

Get Pre-written responses: With this smart app, you can get pre-written responses. For instance: If someone asks you- How are you?, What would be your response? Google Allo knows this better! Choose from its pre-written responses!

Set Alarms or Monitor Weather: Like Google Now, it can tell you the weather, and it lets you set timers, alarms and reminders and ask general questions.

Search anything from persons, events to nearby places: You can also use it to see the latest news or specific news about a person or event (and subscribe to daily updates about them) or ask about nearby restaurants, flight delays and other standard queries you are likely familiar with from Google Now. You can easily pull in a Google search for a restaurant when you are looking to go out as a group, for example, or want to give directions to somebody.

Go Incognito: By default, all of the chats in Allo are encrypted using standard protocols. Allo does have an Incognito mode, too, though. When you turn on the Incognito chat, your messages will be encrypted and the chat history will be destroyed after the time expires. You can set a time limit for the chats, ranging from 5 seconds to 7 days max.

This new exciting App is available as a free download on the Android & iOS App Store.

Have you downloaded this yet? Do let me know if you liked it or not in the comments

information source: NDTV gadgets

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