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Get the Amazing Deals for Trips and Avail Cashback Offers

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Everybody has that list of places they want travel in their lifetime. For many people, it’s their hobby to travel and discover new places.

Our India is a beautiful country to travel and also to live. There is a list of places to visit in India. From north to south it’s a treasure world, presenting nature’s beauty and different color of life. In its north is a historical centre including India’s diverse culture. In the uttermost far flung corner of northern India, near the Indus valley in Ladakh, is the town of Leh around 3505 meters above sea level. A popular destination for tourists, opened to tourists since 1974. Most popular and common entry point to Ladakh. Limited by two of the world’s biggest mountain ranges and encompassed by elevated desert. It’ s dry barren landscape full of historical budhhist monasteries makes it more attractive.

Flights to Leh are easily available from Delhi and also from Srinagar and Jammu. Optionally, for travelling by road, the routes are open for only a few months. From June to October, the Manali highway is opened. For transport, Bus, jeep, taxis are available on these routes. The trip consumes almost two complete days because of the difficult terrain road. The best time of the year to plan a travel to Leh is from May to September but the weather is the warmest at that time.

There are some attractive places to visit in Leh like the Budhhist monasteries and the historical monuments. One of the known historical monument of Sanchi Stupa is situated outside the town. The spellbinding perspective of town can be viewed by the 17th Century Leh Palace built traditionally in Tibetan style. For amazing sunset views, the Thiksey Monastery is the right place. The Ladakh festival held every year in the month of September. One can see the spectacular procession through the streets. For adventure and lovers, hiking and paragliding around Leh is available. In the month of July & August, White water rafting is also available around the Indus river  in the Leh area as well as the Shayok river & Zanskar River.

To stay in the hotels available at short distance from the town, at budget prices you can book online. From online booking you can plan your trip in advance so that there will not be any issue of rooms availability. There are many options while booking for rooms in hotels and bus or transport online. So, choose a best one for you and save your money by getting cashbacks. Cashback is available for travelling booking on websites when using via cashback websites. Get the amazing deals for trips and avail cashback offers.

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