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Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween in India – 31st October 2018

Every year, people across the world celebrate Halloween on 31st October. The festival has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival, Samhain which was later Christianized as Halloween. It has been popularized throughout the years with it being celebrated with great zeal in India too. But celebrating Halloween in India can be a bit overwhelming. This article is all about making Halloween in India easy for you.

halloween in india

Significance & Symbols

Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve marks the beginning of the three-day observance of Allhallowtide, where the dead – saints, martyrs, and the departed are remembered.
Pumpkins, black cats, bats, ghosts, skeletons, spiders, witches, and everything spooky symbolize Halloween.

5 ways to celebrate Halloween in India

1. Decorate your home eerily

Decorate your home with spooky decoratives, skeletons, pumpkins, lanterns, and all things black and orange. Invite your friends over and enjoy the Halloween with interesting talks, enjoyable music, and good food.

2. Celebrate Halloween at a nightclub

halloween in india

These days almost every nightclub host Halloween party with interesting themes. So, gather up your friends, dress up, and get ready to party. No friends? No problem. Venture into the nightclub all by yourself and enjoy the chilling air while dancing your heart out. Isn’t it Halloween already?

3. Travel to historical and secluded places

There is something mysterious about old historical places that haven’t been taken care of and left secluded. No one goes there and the place remains there – all by itself. So, there isn’t a better time to go to those places than Halloween. Tread through the paths of the places unheard by most of the people and be an explorer for the day.

4. Cook traditional Halloween dishes

halloween in india

Any celebration is incomplete without food. Prepare foods synchronous with Halloween celebration with candy apples, barmbrack, bonfire toffee, caramel corn, Halloween cake, roasted pumpkin seeds, and many more. Let the aroma of your dishes indicate the arrival of Halloween to everyone. Share your delicacies, distribute them among the children, and savor them yourself.

5. Watch scary movies

Do you want to celebrate Halloween but don’t want to leave the comfort of your bed? We have the perfect celebration idea for you. Stock up the best horror movies and binge watch them while eating your favorite foods.
Happy Halloween.

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halloween in india

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