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Weekend Movie Review: Half Girlfriend Seems A Mixed Bag At Box Office

Talking about the recent movie releases, Half Girlfriend has made more or less no sense to the audiences. Looking at the ratings, Half Girlfriend has somewhat not come up to the mark nor to the expectations of the audience. Well, it’s not just the cast that makes a movie but it’s the real crux that makes it popular among movie buffs. Let’s just take a look at the pros & cons of this recent weekend movie release.

HalfGirlfriend Movie Review

Why should you buy a ticket of Half Girlfriend?


  1. Based on a Bestseller: Out of all the reasons, one reason that might drive you to the ticket counter is that this movie is based on Chetan Bhagat’s bestselling novel. After 3 Idiots, 2 States, Kai po che & Hello, Half Girlfriend might lure you too. Looking at the previous movies, the stories of which were derived from the author’s novels were still worth watching. Half Girlfriend can convince you the same way.


  1. Sizzling Star Cast: The lead pair Arjun Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor, makes the movie work a little. If you like the duo, you might rush to watch this one. Arjun and Shraddha both have given their best to get into the characters they were allotted.


  1. The element of Romance:  If you have an inclination towards romance and love stories, this movie will lure you. The chemistry between Madhav Jha (Arjun Kapoor) and Riya (Shraddha Kapoor) will tempt your kind of audience to watch this movie. There are few dramatic moments that will entertain you too.


  1. Open-ended name: The name”Half Girlfriend”, offers an open-ended perspective. Featuring a rare name, it had eyes popping as this name inculcates curiosity. The audience might get driven by the name as they would always want to know the brand new concept of Half Girlfriend.   


Why would it Doze you Off To Sleep?


  1. Half Baked Story: Inspite of screening a totally exceptional concept and name, the movie seems to be half baked. In the beginning, it might make some sense but as it proceeds, it starts losing sensibility. The storyline lacks depth and by the end losses, the connect, killing the climax a little.


  1. Fumbling Concept: The concept of Half Girlfriend has come up as brand new, but the movie lacks its definition. The script of this movie has not been able to confer a meaning to the whole concept on which the movie is based. Thus the story has turned out a little clumsy and confusing, making the audience feel puzzled while coming out of the cinema hall.


  1. Icon turned prop: The movie, which has few parts directed in Delhi, has somewhat misused the Iconic India Gate. Director Mohit Suri has used India Gate as a prop, for characters to mingle and chat within its premises, which doesn’t portray a good picture of the movie.


  1. Songs disrupt the movie: The jarring tracks inserted in the middle of the movie are soothing but have killed the moments that would have come up beautifully without their presence. In all, the movie lacks dimension and thus appears a lot off the track, which in itself is a turnoff for the viewers.

Last but not the least, the movie can still be watched for few of its elements that might appeal to the audience. If you are high on romance and long to watch it with the one you love, you can beat the heat by sitting in the theater. For booking of movie tickets online, head over to WhiteCashback.

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