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Top 5 best online shopping sites in India – 2018 – All Categories

With online shopping gaining popularity every day, getting your favorite food, clothing from different parts of India, and everyday needs have become a piece of cake. All your needs are taken care of without having to step out of your house. Along with convenience, you get extra discounts and even earn money.
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While there is a convenience, there also exists a question of trust. Buying a product without actually seeing it does make us skeptic and that’s why we are here.

Below are the list of 5 best top online shopping sites in India that are reliable and trustworthy.

1. Flipkart
When it comes to top online shopping sites, Flipkart has created a brand that’s reliable and trustworthy. Whether you’re looking for new clothing wear, footwear, accessories, electronics, furniture, office supplies, and even groceries, Flipkart is there for you. With a one-stop destination for all your requirements, Flipkart ensures that shopping doesn’t become a stress for you and lets you shop at the comfort of your home.
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2. Amazon
Amazon is another well-known brand in India. The world’s second largest e-commerce, Amazon provides you with products A-Z. From clothing to apparel to home furnishings to groceries to you name it, and Amazon delivers. Apart from this, Amazon provides cloud-based services which have been growing popular day by day. No wonder it is a giant. Don’t forget to check out their top offers here before buying. Amazon always has interesting offers going on and ignorance might cost quite a lot 😉
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3. Myntra
My personal favorite and the best site for clothing, footwear, skin care, and other related products. Not only does Myntra deliver the products that they display, but their super customer support is also what sets it apart from the rest of the sites. The return and refund policies are simple and they have a lively website with an awesome sale going on every now and then.
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4. Nykaa
Buying cosmetics online is even scarier than buying clothes, I know that. But trust me, when it comes to cosmetics Nykaa is one the best online shopping sites out there. A one-stop solution for all your beauty and skincare needs, Nykka offers products from trusted skincare brands for both men and women. Nykaa has its own cosmetics brand too with a wide variety of products. With their gift sets and countless offers, you will always get a good deal for you and your loved ones in Nykaa.
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5. Lenskart
What’s even scarier than buying cosmetics online? Prescription eyeglasses. In fact, many people still doubt the reliability of online sellers of eyewear and sunglasses. When Lenskart started, it was faced with similar concerns. But its customer-centric approach and products from trusted brands led to its growth and a shift in people’s mindset towards shopping eyewear online. Lenskart provides a 3D feature that allows you to try out your desired eyewear and check out how it looks on you. Your first eyeglasses are free. So, what are you waiting for? Oh yes, additional offers and cashback?
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Happy Shopping!

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