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Tips to Buy Diamond Jewellery Online

We no longer have to visit the local jeweller to buy beautiful diamond jewellery. Thanks to the wide range of diamond jewellery available online. We have the world of diamonds at our fingertips and can shop sitting at the comforts of our home. However, the innumerable diamond merchants online can cause a major headache when it comes to purchasing your next piece of sparkle. You will be baffled when, where and how to buy diamonds online.

We give you a few important tips to keep in mind before purchasing diamond jewellery online.

Study, Study, Study

Learn a bit about diamonds before you make the purchase. You will find a lot of reference materials online like blogs, online tutorials etc to educate you on diamonds. Read them to decide your preferences. And based on that you can decide what’s worth investing and what you can skip. A thorough knowledge of the Four C’s will help you choose good quality diamonds online.

Compare diamond brands

Each site selling diamond jewellery will have the details of the diamonds they deal with. This will enable you to do a little bit of research on several brands. Most sites will have the basic details of diamonds like a copy of the diamond grading report and price. A few sites will also include a clarity photograph of the diamond. But the most reliable vendors will give diamond grading details for every diamond, complete with clarity photographs, high resolution videos of the diamond and images that show the degree of optical symmetry and even an assessment of the sparkle factor. You must shop from online jewellery sites that give all these detailed information on diamonds.

Read ratings and reviews

Apart from the details about each and every piece of diamond jewellery their deal with, each site will show ratings and reviews by customers. Go through the reviews to learn more about customer experiences. Reliable sites will show you how many people are satisfied and the company’s response to the customers who were not satisfied. These reports will help you learn a lot about the company.

Buy diamonds from vendors who personally inspect their diamonds

Most online diamond dealers don’t personally see the diamonds that they put up for sale on their sites. They just show pictures of diamond jewellery that are being offered by various diamond cutting houses. However, a credible diamond vendor will inspect each and every piece of jewellery to check whether each product matches their standards and delivers on their brand promise.


Buy from a site that gives a liberal return policy

Good quality diamonds are expensive. So you need a comfortable trial-period to see whether you are totally satisfied with the purchase. Buy from a brand that gives you a liberal return policy and generous trial period. Also, check shipping information, shipping insurance, etc. before purchasing diamond jewellery online.

Take advantage of customer help lines

Most sites will have the option of live chats. Make full use of it to clarify all your doubts regarding the diamond jewellery you are going to purchase. This is just like interacting with your personal jeweller without the pressure of spending something out of your budget.


Buying diamond jewellery online has many advantages. It will not be a stressful experience if you have a little bit of knowledge about diamonds and online diamond vendors. Do your research and feel confident before you make that costly investment.

Good luck with your diamond purchase!

This is a Guest Post contributed by Manu Vipin.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Manu Vipin for Gaj Gallery, a site for online jewellery shopping in India. She has extensively covered lifestyle, fashion, health & fitness stories in her capacity as a featured writer/editor for The New Indian Express and The Times of India.

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