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Here are the top New Year resolutions that we take every year

new year resolutionsHappy new year in advance! We wish you a happy and cheerful year ahead. May your wishes and desires come true. But think twice before wishing something as the wishes can turn your life upside down or downside up. Sometimes it takes only a few moments for a wish to come true; everything changes. But we want you to realize that you will be the same person on 1st January 2019 as you’re right now. Only calendar changes; nothing else changes. Read the article below on the 8 top new year resolutions and enjoy.

1. Gym Membership

top new year resolutions

Every year on January, gym owners observe a tremendous rush for a gym membership. Gym is one of the top new year resolutions made every year. A number of people take a gym membership and encourages their friends to join too. But soon, their motivation vanishes, and they start skipping gym classes. They start making excuses and look for every plausible reason to avoid the gym. But not this year, make a firm decision and stick to your plan. Start something new is very easy but remaining

consistent is a tough task.

2. I’m on Diet

top new year resolutions

Am I gaining weight? I’ll start doing exercise next year. Majority of people who start dieting are unable to stick to the routine after a few weeks. Distractions and temptations around people create problems. Most of the people start believing that they aren’t built for dieting or exercises and looking for a comfort zone. Do remember that no one in this world come with talent, we have to work hard, and mold ourselves to achieve something.

3. No Smoking and Drinking

“I promise. I’ll stop smoking and drinking from next year.” These are a few words which we hear almost every year on 31st December. It’s funny that how we make resolutions every year and break them so easily. If you’re really want to abstain yourself from drinking smoking and drinking, then start from now. There’s no better time than “Now” to start something.

4. Go for a Trip

top new year resolutions

Ah! It’s been so long since you have visited a peaceful place. You can plan a trip with your family and friends. People, who work for private organizations usually don’t get time to go for vacations. Next year, plan your vacation in advance. There are a lot of places on earth that are unexplored and pristine. Places around the world are waiting for you to soil them.

5. Save the mother Earth

This is the most important resolution for all of us. It should be the among the top new year resolutions. It not only makes our life good but others too. There are so many ways in which you can save mother Earth. We ought to stop using plastic and start carpooling. It’s easy to destroy God’s beautiful creation but hard to create. Please try to use biodegradable products. Products those can be easily recycled reduce pollution on earth. Also, by carpooling, we can reduce particulate matter in the air. It, directly and indirectly, helps us.

6. Good Bye Social media

According to various studies, spending time on social media affects our mental health in so many wrong ways. We often get jealous of seeing a beautiful picture of our friend enjoying on someplace exotic. Social media affects our personal as well as professional life too. We must think before posting anything on social media. This is the best resolution for people who spent a lot of time on social media applications. Apart from social media, there are a lot of games in a trend which never fail to delight a user. But we don’t realize that we’re wasting our valuable time on something that doesn’t exist in real life.

7. Book Challenge

top new year resolutions

Laying like a sloth on our bed waiting for a natural calamity to come and destroy everything. Procrastination not only becomes our habit but also, our way of living. Millions of thoughts are running in our head, but none of them are worth wasting a single unit of energy.

We take several challenges at the beginning of a year. Please note, we’re not talking about Kiki challenge or any other social media challenges. We’re talking about some real challenge. For example, people take a running challenge, fitness challenge et cetera. Book challenge is one of the top new year resolutions and famous challenges among grown-ups. Reading a book not only entertains you but also gives wings to your imagination. Take a book challenge this year, and you’ll see the difference.

8. Improve my Love Life

top new year resolutions

Every single person in the world makes a promise to his mirror that he’d get a girlfriend next year. Same goes with a girl. And those who are already in a relationship look for several ways to make their love life good. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to express your love with closed ones. We’re no virtuoso in love life, but we know the value of true love. For people in a relationship, you need to take the initiative more often to make your loved ones happy. And for singles out there, don’t give up now; you’d find what you’re looking for.

Before entering in 2019, don’t forget to thank the people who were with you through thick and thin. Also, if you’ve hurt somebody intentionally or unintentionally then say sorry to them. Talk to your friends and tell them that you’re here for them. A new year brings so many things in a man’s life. You have new energy and determination to do something new.

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