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Traveling solo or in a group – Find 8 travel essentials a traveler must add to his/her checklist

When we’re kids, we loved to travel with our parents to an exotic location. We still remember how they used to pack clothes, toiletries, food, blankets, and more before the voyage. We found ourselves playing with toys and our parents trying to tick all the points in the checklist. How we used to throw tantrums when our parents denied to take our favorite toy along with them on a journey. Since that first trip with our parents, we have traveled a lot. During all these expeditions, we’ve realized that how important is to pack essentials during a trip. How can we reduce unwanted stuff from our luggage and still able to carry enough entertainment options? This blog is based on many travel expeditions. People with commendable experience in traveling have garnered this information from their solo as well as group journey. We’re about to share the top 8 travel essentials a person should carry while going for an excursion. Let’s begin.

travel essentials

1. Comfortable and tough luggage bags for the journey

One of the most and foremost important thing we need while traveling is a luggage bag. A good luggage case can make your travel smooth. It should be robust and lightweight so that it won’t create an interference while moving. If you’re planning for an adventurous trip, then you should invest your money in a good rucksack. A trolley bag would be a better option for comfortable travel. Many times our luggage gets mixed with someone else’s luggage, we don’t want this to happen to us. You can add tags and stickers on your luggage to make it differ from other bags.

2. Clothes & accessories

Right! Clothes. We certainly don’t want to look super bad in our travel pictures. At the time of packing, keep one thing in mind that you don’t want to carry unnecessary clothes. If we talk about people who travel from time to time, they also commit mistakes while packing clothes. You can check various DIY packing tutorials on YouTube. Do a thorough research of the place you’re traveling to, know about the weather conditions. It’ll help you in deciding which clothes to pack. Pack lightweight and thin clothes. Add limited warm jackets in your luggage if its winter. Windproof and waterproof jackets are necessary. Umbrellas and sheets are additional but can be used on a journey.

3. I’m starving. May I eat this computer?

travel essentials

Soon after we leave our home, we start feeling hungry. We don’t know about you, but it happens with us. In the entire journey, we see occasions where our stomach starts rumbling. Thus, we need to carry snacks, dry fruits, power bar, and more solid foods. Go for food items that don’t expire in normal conditions and need a specific environment for maintenance. Carry enough food with you so that you don’t feel unprepared for the journey. Also, add a thermostat water bottle in your checklist.

4. Toiletries

Harsh weather conditions can affect our body badly. Heat from the sun, dust particles, pollution, dirt, and bacterias are some problems you face during travel. Protect yourself from getting skin problems, use a proper sunscreen. Apart from having basic toiletries like toothpaste, brush, shower gel, sunscreen, shampoo and so on, you should have wet wipes, bug spray, mosquito repellent and tissue paper with you.

5. My medicines

Accidents can happen anywhere. We aren’t a pessimist but a realist. Prepare a custom first aid kit according to your needs. If you’re on medication, then don’t forget to add prescribed medicines in your first aid box. Keep the first aid box in your backpack so that you needn’t unpack every time you need medicine.

6. We don’t accept cards; cash only

Out of cash! This major problem is faced by most of the travelers around the world. There is a misconception amongst lots of travelers that ATM and banks are available everywhere. On the contrary, there are still many famous places without ATM. Keep an appropriate amount of cash with you. Even though you find ATM, you’re not sure whether it has cash or not. There are many special products available in the market in which you can hide your money.

7. Paper map and important numbers

travel essentials

Today we are living in a world where we can find anything on the internet. From maps to major attractions, local police station details to nearest hospital details, everything is available at your fingertips. Smartphones, laptops, and the Internet have made our life a lot easier than before. There’s only one limitation that it depends on electricity and internet. Without a battery, a smartphone is a brick. Collect necessary information of the place you’re visiting. You should have a local map and contact number of hospital, police station and hotel.

8. Entertainment & Electronics

We usually go for a journey to get amusement, then why I need a separate entertainment unit? When we are traveling to an unknown place, we’re not sure about the vicinity we’re going to enter. It’s better to be prepared for the worst case. Also, after enjoying a quality time on a beach with your family or trekking a steep mountain with your crazy friends, we do need rest and other entertainment options to make the best out of a good day. Carry music player, camera, laptop; only if feasible, and portable video game player. Nowadays, the camera is the most important electronics in a holiday vacation. Don’t forget to carry power banks, memory cards, and necessary cables. Of course, your phone too.

Do remember that this blog is for only interstate travel. When you’re planning for a trip to a different country, you need to go through paperwork and other important things too.

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