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Valentine’s Week- Days, Theme, Gifts & More | WhiteCashback

Singles or couples, everyone knows when Valentine’s Day is. But what if we told you that you have a better chance of surprising your significant other or impressing the special someone that you have in mind if you don’t wait for Valentine’s Day. Presenting the Valentine’s Week.

What’s special about Valentine’s Week?

valentine's week

7th February- Rose Day

Flowers are the perfect gifts for all occasions. And yet, they can never be boring with their range of beautiful choices. Personalize a bouquet and add the beautiful colors and the exquisite aroma of the flowers in your love life.

8th February- Propose Day

Propose day is the perfect day to confess your love to your crush or the someone special that you have been admiring for a long time.

9th February- Chocolate Day

Most people love chocolate and surprising someone with a box full of their special chocolate never fails to bring a smile to their face.

10th February- Teddy Day

Teddies come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to gift a small one perfect to fit inside a purse or a massive teddy that covers an entire bed, you won’t be disappointed. And neither will your special someone.

11th February- Promise Day

Promises bring us closer to our loved ones. Promises make your loved ones feel that you care. Sometimes, more than gifts, all that you need to do to make someone feel special is a sweet promise- a reminder that they mean a lot to you.

12th February- Hug Day

A warm hug solves everything. And a hug from a loved one is precious. This Valentine’s Week, gift warm hugs not just to your valentine, but all your loved ones. After all, “jaadu ki jhappi” is one of the most precious gifts one can ever gift or receive.

13th February- Kiss Day

“A kiss a day keeps the doctor away.” We made up the quote but it does fit in, right? Kisses are the sweetest gesture of love and when you kiss someone it naturally means that you love them dearly. So, don’t be stingy this day, and sweeten up the life of your special someone.

14th February- Valentine’s Day

After a week of lovely gestures, the big day is celebrated on 14th February. Everyone knows what Valentine’s Day is and everyone celebrates it in their own way. Some plan surprises for their special someone, some prepare for the gutsy move, some chill out at home, some go out with their friends, and some carry on with their usual routine. In short, some celebrate it and some don’t.
But regardless of whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it is a day to celebrate love. Day-to-day activities make us busy and sometimes we fail to show appreciation to the people that matter most to us. Show some love to the people important in your life. Gift them their favorites, cook/order their favorite foods, spend some quality time with them, and make them feel special.

valentine's week


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