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WannaCry Ransomware: 5 Smart Ways To Shop Securely!

If you haven’t switched on your Televisions sets yet, do update yourself with the latest WannaCry Ransomware cyber-attack that has hit the nerves of around 100 countries across the world.The ever booming technology and the cyber world might have brought an unsurpassed development across the globe but has also strengthened the potential of cyber crime. The massive community of brainy hackers has now found new ways to hold the world for ransom.

WannaCry Ransomware

Did you know?

The malicious hackers have discovered that holding the data on hostage is far more profitable than stealing it. The recent cyber attack which has shaken the globe seems to have arisen from ‘’cyber weapons” theft. Considered to be more complex than it is originally being believed, the cyber criminals have seized thousands of computers, spreading mischievous software afflicting cyber security. Going by some of the cyber experts, it is said that the attack is heinous as it’s getting difficult day by day to crack the code and also to find a definite solution to get things back on track.


Cybercrime, a Pandemic Social Evil!

Investigators across the world are unable to unveil the faces of the cyber criminals behind this massive internet scourge. Since the beginning, WannaCry Ransomware has been growing like a parasite, horrifying countless Internet users. Several cases have been registered of companies and individuals who were terrified by cyber criminals. There have been instances when the individuals were unable to access their systems and were asked for ransom in return for control. WannaCry Ransomware is slowly and steadily becoming a powerful tool of cybercriminals for earning substantial money in the shortest time frame.


Demand $300 worth of Bitcoin

Thanks but no thanks to the emergence of avant-garde tools that own the potential of wrapping the data of the victims with vigorous encryption technology. Including several notorious online sites that fuel data ransoming, has offered momentum to cyber theft. Turning non-computer experts into cyber thieves, WannaCry Ransomware has caused a huge magnitude of loss. The fake antivirus scams and Trojan horse programs have done it all to misuse all kinds of personal credentials that are further sold. The recent attack is no less than a dominant escalation of the much smaller previous cyber attack episodes. Cyber criminals have openly made use of the vulnerability in Microsoft Servers. The masterminds behind this malicious attack have demanded $300 worth of Bitcoin. Going by the current value of Bitcoin, which is a digital currency, the hackers have asked for approx Rs 19000, to unlock each system. It is a huge and irreplaceable pitfall for the cyber world. This global cyber attack has brought to light a major loophole, the solution to which is far-fetched.


Let’s Check out top 5 ways to shop smart & safe


  1. Keep your device clean: First and foremost thing would be to free your device from all kinds of viruses, corrupt software and malware. Be sure that your system or your mobile phone is clean and is protected against any kind of threat. Before you begin to shop online, do update your machine’s security. Get the anti-virus working and don’t forget to turn the firewall on.


  1. Shop only if you are sure: Before you start to shop online, make sure that you are going to shop from a trusted and familiar website. Have an eye for familiar and unfamiliar websites and sellers. Don’t shop blindly as that might cost you a lot. Shopping from big brands have their own comforts but if you still want to go out of the way and shop from a new merchant, make sure it’s reliable and legitimate. Access only those shopping websites that keep your credentials safe.


  1. Don’t hop in, to shop in public: It’s not always necessary to shop when you are connected to a public wi-fi. As public hotspots serve as hunting grounds for hackers who can easily steal your most significant details in just a flick. You must avoid entering your credit card data, while you are connected to a public wi-fi. Say a ‘No’ to shopping while you are connected to a public wi-fi.


  1. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe: Never keep a single password for all your online accounts. This trick is sure to protect you from cyber theft. Don’t have the same key to all your locks, this will be a great thing to do. Have clever variations in your passwords, all you need to do is to boost your memory a little.


  1. Make it a habit! use safe payment gateways: If you wish to shop online, make sure you make use of safe methods of payments. Put your credit card to use as that is the safest option to pick out. Using your debit card can put you at risk.

There are several others ways that can help you dodge your insecurities while shopping online. Follow the above-mentioned steps and save yourself from falling prey to unprecedented and obnoxious hackers. Open yourself up to intelligent ways of shopping online and save yourself from the ongoing menace of cyber theft. Wondering what to do next, just visit WhiteCashback. Share this post with your near and dear ones and save them from cybercrime.

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