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What does your Shoe reveal about you? The 8 Must-have Shoes for Every Man!

There is a popular proverb that a Man’s character is judged by the kind & state of shoes he is wearing!

The above proverb is true to a point since Shoes determine the personality of the wearer. Shoes market a man.  If the shoes are clean, shiny, and well maintained, then the man makes some effort to look good and well-dressed. If the shoes are scruffy, worn out, and unpolished, then he doesn’t care about how he looks. Not just that. Wearing the wrong shoes for the wrong occasion also conveys a lot. For this reason, keeping the basic shoes in your wardrobe is extremely important. Thus doesn’t mean you have to buy dozens of shoes. Just having 4 to 8 pairs of different shoes will work!

Shoes are the single most vital item in your wardrobe. We have compiled a list of 8 kinds of shoes that must be owned by every man.


Simply Flip-Flops

Flip-Flops also known as slippers are laid back footwear you must have.  Made of materials like foam with rubber or air pockets covered by polyurethane, flip-flops enhance the comfort factor.

These flip flops will have your feet feeling comfortable and looking good. Available in many colors and designed to stay odor-free, flip flops for men is your pathway to good looking feet. Buy one pair and flaunt your casual style wearing them around a beach, or in a rainy day outing!

Converse Shoes

Converse shoes for men are the most in-demand footwear in the world today. High in design, performance and style, these shoes have captured the imaginations of the younger generation with a combination of style and comfort. These shoes are worth an investment because they offer a great value for your money. They are durable and at the same time trendy. You can now buy converse on one of the online portals at discounted rates and enrich your wardrobe with some nice and comfy shoes.

Black Dress Formal Leather shoes

The black dress shoe reflects a personality of a person with self-respect and who has all the grounds covered.

There will always be one reason or another that you’ll need to wear something formal. Be it work, weddings, black-tie events, or other formal occasions where you need to look sleek and sharp, a pair of black leather formal shoes can never fail. Ensure that they are clean and well polished whenever you wear them.


A solid pair of loafers is something every man needs. They’re best if you’re an office going who needs semi-formal outfits at work. Loafers attract people with their dependable comfort. They are easy to wear and can be used in almost any situation. Add a pair of loafers to your wardrobe and flaunt your style heading out wearing them!


Sneakers are your feet’s evergreen companions. They are comfortable and have become a fashion statement. Sneakers have become a must-have in every man’s wardrobe, and they can be a fashion statement with your workout gear as well as your latest pair of chinos.

If you are looking to buy a pair, the best idea is to shop online to find a good deal. The best places to find discounts are online, and as long as you know your shoe size you should be good to go.

The Leather Boot

Boots for men are very famous for many reasons such as fashion accessory, essential footwear for combating the elements such as mud, water and snow. Apart from this, these shoes provide extra support for the ankles of wearer. They are also useful for sports activities such as ice skating, snowboarding, skiing and riding.

Boots for men can be purchased online with ease and comfort. You can find boots online from all the large brands of the world.


Espadrilles are one style, which is getting increasingly popular for man as well.  Easy to wear, these have to be simply slipped on, and that too without the need of any socks. Espadrilles are a must in every man’s shoe collection. To wear these shoes in a more ‘formal’ setting, you can team these shoes with a pair of chinos and a polo T-shirt.

Men’s Espadrilles are always in fashion as they are highly dashing and good looking as well. These shoes are comfortable and also light in weight. Reflect your bohemian style wearing a pair!

Running Sports Shoes

Many people suffer from feet problems because of wearing the wrong running shoe. Running shoes should be bought depending on the miles you run and the kind of material and design that give you most comfort.

If you too are sports freak then you must own a branded sports shoe that fits your need. Judge a pair of sports shoes on the basis of light in weight, flexibility, toughness, reliability and with an appropriate support it gives.

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