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Why are you still shopping traditionally on the internet – Get awesome cashback on shopping through Whitecashback

Shopping is our favorite pastime. If we get a gold coin just for thinking about shopping, we’d be the richest people in the world. Our whole team is crazy is about fashion, smartphones, jewelry, and anything that is available on the sale. Read this article to master shopping. Also, we’ll tell you about cashback, what is cashback & how to get it on shopping through WhiteCashback.

what is cashback

About Whitecashback

Whitecashback.in is a promising Indian company. It offers cashback, coupons, and deals to the customers. The team at Whitecashback is working tirelessly to make a customer-centric platform for shopping. Here you get outstanding Whitecashback cashback on several online e-commerce websites. The company is associated with Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra, Biba, Jabong, and more trusted online shopping sites.

What is Cashback?

Cashback a reward program only for the customers. It generally runs by retailers to increase the footfall. In this program, in plain terms, a customer, on purchasing an item, if eligible, gets some amount or percentage back as cashback.

How to get Cashback in Whitecashback?

The process to avail cashback on Whitecashback is as smooth as butter and as simple as a straight line. If you haven’t already, please register in Whitecashback now. Even the registration process is straight-forward, you can use facebook or google account to sign up. On registering for the first time, a user instantly gets Rs. 10 in the wallet as a sign-up bonus.

Go to your profile section and fill in your bank details. You can edit your profile anytime and anywhere. Once amount on your wallet reaches up to Rs. 250, you can generate a withdraw request and the balance available in your wallet will be transferred to your bank account.

How do get Rs.250 in your Whitecashback wallet? For that, you just need to check out the freshest offers available on the retailers partnered with Whitecashback. If you’re using mobile application then just open the store and shop. Once the retailer confirms your order and dispatches the order, you get cashback. In the same way, you can shop on a desktop. Open Whitecashback.in and shop. On lucky days, you get up to 35% cashback.

Traditional Shopping Vs. Whitecashback shopping

It’s funny that how online shopping has become traditional now. There are still people around us who don’t want to buy products online. Never mind. Below, we have mentioned that why Whitecashback shopping is better than traditional shopping.

Traditional Shopping

Let’s suppose you’re Ram. Ram is feeling bored at his home, so he decides to go online. He sees an amazing smartphone. Now, he wants to buy that phone. He uses his head and compare prices on other e-commerce websites. Feeling awesome on finding the same smartphone in an X e-commerce website at a lower price, he orders it and lives happily afterward.

Whitecashback shopping

Sita is plucking flowers for her little sister in the garden. All of a sudden, Ram comes and shows his new phone to her. She gets amazed by the features in the phone. Now she wants that phone too. She’s smart because she has already installed Whitecashback mobile app on her phone. She opens the mobile app and checks cashback offers available on the various online stores. She compares the prices of different stores and orders. Now, she gets an additional cashback on ordering the phone. Isn’t that smart shopping or Whitecashback shopping?

We guess we have reached the end. We hope you understood what is cashback and how to avail them. Please comment below, for any queries. Also, visit Whitecashback here. You know what to do 😉

what is cashback

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