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Worried About Eid Shopping ? Here Is The Solution with Exciting Cashback

Eid – al – Fitar festival of breaking of the fast, celebrated by muslims worldwide at the end of Ramadan, Islamic holy month of fasting. During the day of EID, muslims are not allowed to fast. Eid marks the beginning of the Islamic month of Shawwal. The start date of any lunar Hijri month changes on the basis of observation of new moon by nearby religious authorities. So, the celebration day changes by locality.

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In the holy month of Ramadan, all muslims fast every year on daily basis from first light to the sunset. By confining from some of the basic needs & carnal desires, muslims promote their ability to self-control, and prevention from intense desires. Children are restricted to began their fasting from the early age of adolescence. As per muslim religion belief, they are ordered by Almighty God to do fasting until the completion of Ramadan as mentioned in Holy Qur’an.

After a month long rigorous fasting, muslims all over the world, break their fast after the curved moon is seen after sunset of last day of the holy month. On this special Day, muslim families and friends greet each other by wishing “Eid Mubarak” and “Have a blessed Eid”. While the month of fasting is a symbol of sacrifice and purification, The ceremony of Eid remarks the promoting love & brotherhood. The day starts with an early day bath, after which muslims wear their best clothes. They celebrate the day with excitement.

The muslim women wear cultural dresses on the auspicious day to celebrate with their family and friends. They gift each other something special. As per fashion in the market there is a wide range of clothing available. Online market is offering a number of discounts & cashback offers for EID shopping.

No worry to think about your budget while shopping for your family and friends this Eid. Yepme is celebrating this Eid with you and offering special deals on women clothing. Special saree collection with cashback offers is available at Yepme in which you can choose from the category like Banarasi saree, Premium Saree etc. Casual wear and pary wear is also provided with exciting cashback.

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