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The WhiteCashback ‘refer a friend’ is basically an earn through the referral program, which gives you the opportunity to invite your friends on WhiteCashback and earn handsome amount of money. For each and every friend whom you refer to WhiteCashback, you will become eligible to earn 10% of the cashback which he received from shopping via WhiteCashback.

The best part of this highly acclaimed referral program from WhiteCashback is: if you refer a friend, this unique invite link of WhiteCashback through various means including emails or post on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and he accept your invitation. Then after the completion of his purchase from different stores listed on WhiteCashback, you will get a whopping 10% from the cashback he wins from their shopping.

How referral program works ?

According to the methodology of our exclusive referral program, you will receive your 10% amount from the cashback, which your friends received after done with their purchases via WhiteCashback. More you share the ‘Refer A Friend’ referral code with your friends, more cashback you will receive.
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